Arizona's 7th Congressional District

Income & Prosperity: Grade F

According to the Center for American Progress, our district ranked DEAD LAST in the country for OVERALL POVERTY! 

Arizona's 7th Congressional District ranked DEAD LAST or NEAR DEAD LAST in multiple categories 

Under Ruben Gallego, from 2014-2018 our district ranked DEAD LAST or NEAR DEAD LAST for Overall Poverty, Children in Poverty, Working-Age Women in Poverty, & Working-Age Men in Poverty

Arizona's 7th Congressional District

Public Approval Score: Grade F

APPROVAL RATINGS for current Congressional representation is at or near RECORD LOWS

ThoughtCo recently reported that members of The House worked on average 18 hours per week

Now consider this: Ruben Gallego's attendance fell into the BOTTOM 31% in 2017 and the BOTTOM 55% in 2018