Chris Hindle for Congress 2020


"I'd rather live in a flawed country like America that EMPOWERS its citizens with rights & freedoms, than to live in a society like China that removes & restricts the rights & freedoms of the citizens struggling time & time again to create the utopian experience"

- Chris Hindle






Chris Hindle for Congress 2020

Pro Positions

Wealth Equality

Working Class Prosperity

Safe Neighborhoods

Education Reform

Life-Saving Treatments

+ Veterans & Disabled Americans

+ Better Mental Care

Constitutional Rights

Mass Transit & Infrastructure

Natural Resource Conservation

Fast-Track Citizenship

Data Protection & Personal Privacy

Blockchain Tech

Chris Hindle for Congress 2020

Anti Positions

Identity Politics

Firearm Buybacks

Big Tech Monopolies

Late Term Abortions

Free Medicare for All

Student Loan Bailouts

Common Core Math

Common Core Language Arts

Job Automation

Facial Recognition

Ad Hominem Politics

Anecdotal Fallacy Politics

Retail Apocalypse

Open Borders

Unrestricted AI Usage

Chris Hindle for Congress 2020


Healthcare (Draft)

There is a basic principal that states any customer can only get two of these three at the same time: QUALITY, SPEED, & AFFORDABILITY.

Although it is impossible to have all three at the same time, Americans should have access to healthcare that balances these 3 key elements. You can have Speed & Affordability, but anticipate Low Quality. You can have Quality & Speed, but expect it to be Expensive. Lastly, you should expect Quality & Affordability to be Slow.

QUALITY refers to effective healthcare, but should also be comprehensive. Comprehensive will include physical, mental, dental, vision, & hearing care. Included in this, we should also allow people access to experimental treatments.

FAST refers to a system that is capable of provided speed when it is most critical. This includes emergency care & life-saving procedures. Reform will also need to address the nearly 2 years delay between applying for disability and getting approved for disability (SSDI). In the two years it takes to get disability approval, someone unable to work risks losing their house, their healthcare plan, and may end up out on the street. SSDI Fast-Track Approval will auto-approve applicants for the first year with minimal paperwork requirements. A comprehensive reform of Blue Book Listings and heavier weighting of Work History will be necessary.

AFFORDABLE refers to fair prices. We are against large corporations that use the concept of price elasticity to maximize profits, much like scalpers. We are also against any kind of movement that says healthcare should be free for everyone. While we believe in the free market, we also recognize healthcare is essential to America's promise of  life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness.  Because of that, we expect the government to act as a referee to balance fair price and fair profit for both parties. From my experience, this is similar to the way the National Park Service makes sure tourists are not overcharged for goods & services sold inside one of our National Parks.

Income & Prosperity (Draft)

Income Equality & The Path to Prosperity are growing concerns for many Americans. Americans are tired of relying on being at the right place at the right time to catch a big break in the workplace. Over the last two decades, extreme pressure placed has been placed on working class families to make ends meet. In an effort to reduce the widening wealth gap, the overuse of Stock Buybacks aka Share Repurchases will be phased out. Additionally, Inheritance Law will be reviewed. The impact of these efforts will be a gradual reduction in the cost of living for all Americans.

Workplace Reform will also be addressed. New rules protecting workplace expression will be created. Blockchain Technology has the potential to dramatically upgrade the traditional paycheck process. A new workplace bill of rights will create one platform for both customers and employees to interact with corporate executives.

All Americans should have a path to prosperity. Improving job programs for those with disabilities, as well as those reformed individuals with criminal records is critical.

Affordable housing is a growing concern. New building codes & housing laws will protect employers who build and/or provide affordable housing or housing assistance for their employees. This should not only increase residential construction, but benefit employers & employees across the nation.

Neighborhoods & Caring Community (Draft)

This important category has four elements: (1) creating diverse, interracial neighborhoods, (2) easier onboarding for new citizens, (3) maintaining a sustainable environment, and (4) to preserve & revitalize our neighborhoods.

Acting on community feedback to create a variety of initiatives to achieve agreed upon common goals will achieve neighborhood identity. This is the basis for a concept that "people will support that which they help create".

Immigration Reform is a controversial issue. The ability to attract, onboard, & retain new citizens is essential to continued growth of our nation. It is also important to balance immigration with the capacity of our infrastructure to provide quality housing, drinking water, wholesome food, and prosperity. The highlight of this plan is the erection of The Statue of Liberty II along the Southern Border. This also entails being a good neighbor to neighboring nations.

The environment is another hot topic. TRIDENT is a dynamic new plan using Six Sigma and ISO 140001 characteristics that will address three elements. It will conserve limited resources, such as drinking water, clean air, & wholesome food. It will consolidate & expand independent efforts to replace of old practices with new technology.  TRIDENT will identify real estate to create a buffer zone to deal with potential erosion & rising ocean levels.

Communities are only as good as their infrastructure. Preventative Maintenance (PM) is essential in a plan that covers basic maintenance, repair, replacement, and updates. A Federal System will standardize the process whereby the general public becomes the caretakers of the infrastructure within their communities.

Data Protection & Personal Privacy (Draft)

"if something on the internet is free, then you are the product!"

For nearly two decades, large technology corporations like Apple, Facebook, Google, & Netflix have profited by collecting your personal data. They have done so behind the disguise of providing you with a free service. The lawyers at these technology corporations have used Terms of Service Agreements to steal your personal privacy & data from you. Personal privacy & data protection reform will use Blockchain Technology to shift ownership and control of your personal data from Big Tech back to you. This will include every data point, meta-data, and even facial recognition. Once we enact reform, technology corporations will need a warrant to obtain your personal data, but we feel as though your personal data has financial value to them.

Blockchain Technology has the potential to allow all Americans full  transparency, access, & control of their data, meta-data, & privacy. It appears there is the potential to provide each American with a much needed SECOND INCOME STREAM.

Life Goals (Draft)

"Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. With the correct tools & resources in place, the journey to reach life's goals can be attainable for hundreds of millions of Americans.

Self-actualization involves a strong sense of purpose & self-awareness, as well as the imperative that one's basic needs are met. Before any one of us achieves the best version of ourselves, we first need to make sure everyone has a roof overhead, food in their stomach, clothes on their back, & shoes on their feet.

Education Reform (Draft)

Our nation has seen a marked decay of educational attainment & academic performance

As recently as 30 years ago, the United States of America was ranked #1 in high school & college education. Out of 71 world countries, recent scores now show that U.S. rankings have plummeted to #24 in Science & #38 in Mathematics.

We can't continue to ignore signs like a flashing CHECK ENGINE LIGHT.

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